How Highland Creative Can Help Your Non-Profit Flourish:

1. The “Wow” Factor in Marketing Planning: We’re here to craft a personalized marketing strategy that not only speaks to your audience but makes them sit up and take notice. We’re all about turning your mission into a compelling story.

2. Supercharging Your Digital Presence: In a world that’s increasingly online, a robust digital presence is a must. Highland Creative excels in digital marketing, from building stellar websites to rocking social media. We’re all about connecting with your supporters where they live – the online world.

3. Tugging Heartstrings with Stories: We love a good story, and we know you do too! We specialize in weaving narratives that pull at heartstrings, making donors more inclined to open their wallets. Whether it’s through inspiring videos, heartfelt blog posts, or catchy social media campaigns, we’re here to help you communicate your mission in a way that moves people.

4. Making Donors Feel Special: Building lasting relationships with your donors is key. We offer tools and strategies to engage with your donors effectively, so they feel like they’re part of something bigger, something that matters.

5. Rocking Fundraising Campaigns: Highland Creative knows how to design and run fundraising campaigns that not only captivate donors but also deliver results. Whether it’s a heartfelt annual appeal, a crowdfunding campaign, or a virtual event, we’re your partners in maximizing your fundraising efforts.

With several non-profits that trust Highland, we’re getting ready to expand our services more broadly so we can help you. What are you waiting for? Give us a call and schedule a free consultation today!