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The Importance Of Video Advertising

Video Marketing is the #1 engagement tool for new and existing businesses to capture their customers interests. Lucky for you, Highland Creative specializes in both Video and Audio Production. Reach out to clients from the comfort of their home using OTT video ads!

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We understand marketing can be difficult. Plain and simple, we’re here to elevate your brand, enhancing its online visibility and appeal.

Highland Creative isn’t just the #1 advertising agency in OKC by chance. Our experienced team is devoted to helping businesses achieve their objectives through innovative and effective marketing strategies that truly deliver.

Our Services

Highland offers many digital Marketing Solutions to push your business, non-profit, or solo venture to the next level

Your organizational identity serves as the core of your brand. A robust brand captivates customers, conveying your values, mission, and culture effectively. Through strategic marketing, we assist brands in fostering customer loyalty and establishing a cultural community.

Our services encompass Research, Focus Groups, Brand Strategy, Visual Identities, Editorial Tone & Voice, as well as the development of Vision & Mission Statements and Message Campaigns.

In the realm of multimedia, Highland Creative stands out as a powerhouse for video and audio production. Our skilled marketing team seamlessly integrates creativity and technical precision to bring your ideas to life with captivating visuals and impeccable sound. Whether it's crafting compelling video content that tells your story or producing high-quality audio that resonates, we are dedicated to delivering a sensory-rich experience.

From concept to final production, Highland Creative elevates your brand through dynamic and impactful video and audio creations that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Search Engine Optimization is vital for digital marketing. Our SEO team diligently works to position your brand in front of your key audience across local search, online assets, and organic search results.

We ensure substantial growth in your online visibility with measurable results. Our expertise lies in enhancing sales volume and audience inquiries through innovative online visibility strategies that stand out, especially after other marketing agencies fall short.

Highland Creative has mastered the art of PPC advertising, strategically utilizing platforms such as Meta, LinkedIn, Google, and Amazon to reach and engage target audiences effectively. Through Meta's precise targeting options, Highland Creative tailors ads to specific demographics, optimizing brand visibility and driving conversions. On LinkedIn, they tap into the platform's professional network, crafting content that resonates with businesses and professionals, fostering valuable B2B connections and generating high-quality leads.

Moreover, Highland Creative harnesses Google's robust advertising tools to refine keyword strategies and enhance ad placements, ensuring maximum visibility and relevancy in search results. Simultaneously, they leverage Amazon's vast e-commerce ecosystem, leveraging consumer intent and purchasing behavior to drive product sales and revenue for their clients. By strategically integrating PPC advertising across these diverse platforms, Highland Creative empowers businesses to expand their digital footprint, connect with their target audiences on multiple fronts, and achieve measurable marketing success.

In the realm of graphic design, purpose reigns supreme. Every meticulous selection of color, typeface, and imagery is a calculated strategic move, meticulously crafted to align with the overarching goal of successfully communicating the intended message to the specific audience.

It's not just about aesthetics; it's a thoughtful approach that ensures each visual element contributes meaningfully to the overall impact and resonance of the design.


Highland Creative
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Melissa RichardMelissa Richard
21:40 11 Feb 24
I will use Highland for all of my business ventures. I have known one of the owners for years. They are professional, responsive, and get the job done.
21:59 05 Feb 24
Helped us with a video campaign where we saw results fast
christopher uptainchristopher uptain
23:01 04 Feb 24
Hunter and Derek met with us for a business consultation regarding our restructured company . They were both extremely knowledgeable and professional. They recognized our needs for running a more efficient business. I look forward to all the money that our company will save from their expertise services.
Lisa AcevedoLisa Acevedo
20:21 10 Aug 23
Highland Creative does amazing work. They built a brand new website for the Oklahoma Women Veterans Organization that is sensational and has really helped attract more women veterans to our programs that we offer.
William WilsonWilliam Wilson
17:41 14 Oct 22
I loved working with Highland Creative! Easy to work with, asked a lot of questions, and made sure they fully understood the scope of what I needed done. The creative touches they added to my vision really popped and I have never been more pleased with a marketing agency!
Derek LariviereDerek Lariviere
17:00 14 Oct 22
Scott LariviereScott Lariviere
15:29 14 Oct 22
Highland Creative was hands down the best creative and marketing agency I have worked with. I have had bad experiences in the past with agencies no being communicative, overpromising and underdelivering, etc. Highland creative totally alleviated my skepticism about the industry.
Kelly DoddKelly Dodd
19:38 09 Sep 22
Frontier Creative is, hands down, the best graphic designer I have ever used! Hunter is a genius at understanding exactly what concept I needed and putting into a gorgeous graphic form. You won’t find a better, more professional company to do all your graphic design work!

How Highland works

We’ve already helped hundreds of clients and individuals with their marketing needs. We want to help you succeed too. Here’s how we do it:

Schedule a call with one of our marketing experts. Pick a time that works best for you. With our intuitive booking system, we’ll get back to you ASAP. From there we can start learning more about you, and planning your campaign.

This is where we will meet to find out what services you need as a business or individual. Our marketing plan will be tailored to fit your goals.

Undoubtedly the most fun you will have is seeing your brand elevated before your eyes. This is where we take a plan and put it into action. We encourage input from all of our customers during this phase, and communication is where we truly shine.

A good marketing company will stick with you until the end. We provide an after action report for all of our projects, and utilize a scrum methodology for all of our work. Part of this is checking in, and reviewing what went well and what can be adjusted for future marketing campaigns. We’re always here for you!