About us

our mission

Highland Creative is your comprehensive gateway to captivating marketing and innovative advertising solutions. We excel in crafting cutting-edge video content, designing engaging web and social media platforms, optimizing search engine visibility, and delivering visually stunning photography. Unparalleled in our communication skills, our distinctive attribute lies in our empathetic connection with clients, transcending the conventional client-agency relationship and setting us leagues ahead in the competitive landscape.


Our Story

Derek Lariviere, with a distinguished background as an Army Ranger medic, transitioned post-retirement into an accomplished career in risk management and entrepreneurship. Concurrently, Hunter Collins has an eclectic experience portfolio, ranging from small business ownership to a notable role as AVP at a major financial institution. 

These two share more than just business acumen; their shared values, innovative mindsets, and mutual passion for design, management, and strategic marketing have naturally led them into the creative realm. Their common thread lies in their unique ability to turn vision into action in any business landscape.

OUR core Values

Our values are simple but effective, and work with both small and large teams.

  • The Obstacle is the way
  • Communication is key
  • Methodology wins the day


Classroom Funding

Part of Highland's mission is making sure classrooms are properly funded. Each year, Highland sponsors a local classroom, making sure students and teachers receive much needed classroom supplies. Education is incredibly important to us.