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What’s up, my desk-defecation-considering comrades? I can see you’ve reached your wit’s end with the insufferable narcissist of a boss you have. You’re contemplating resorting to drastic, almost guerilla-like methods to express your feelings (and bodily functions). But before you drop trou and make your mark, let me offer you ten cleaner, sassier, and perhaps more effective alternatives to deal with your narcissistic boss. Hold on to your bowels; here we go:

1. The Polite Mirror

Narcissists love nothing more than a good ol’ gaze at their own reflection. Become that mirror, but don’t shy away from showcasing the uglier side. Parrot back their ridiculous requests or statements in a polite manner. “Just to clarify, you’d like me to find a new vendor who’ll supply us with unicorn tears, correct?” Let them hear their own absurdity.

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2. The Gray Rock Method

Let’s turn the dial down on your technicolor personality. Become as exciting and engaging as a dull rock. Short answers, minimal engagement, less fuel for their ego-fire. You can’t extinguish a fire without depriving it of oxygen, right?


3. The Silent Superstar

Prove your worth through your work, not your words. Narcissistic bosses love the sound of their own voice. They might not appreciate your input. So let your results do the talking. It’s not about being a doormat; it’s about showing your prowess without a power struggle.

4. Boundaries, Darling

Enforce boundaries like a bouncer at a too-cool-for-you hipster bar. State your work hours, lunch breaks, and personal space and stick to them. Your time, your rules. They’ll respect you more when they realize they can’t walk all over you.


5. The Ego Stroke

Every now and then, throw them a bone. Compliment their tie, their idea, their leadership. Do it sparingly and strategically. Make it about their success, not yours. They’ll lap it up like free craft beer.

6. Teflon Mode: Engage

Let their criticism, condescension, and general BS slide right off you like burnt toast on a fresh Teflon pan. They’ll soon tire of hurling insults at someone who refuses to be a sponge.

7. The Charm Offensive

Even narcissists can’t resist someone who’s genuinely likeable. Smile, be positive, exude that hipster charm. They might just start seeing you as an actual human being rather than a cog in their corporate machine.

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8. The Deft Deflector

Become the grandmaster of changing subjects. Steer clear of personal topics and keep bringing the conversation back to work. When your boss starts boasting about their latest marathon time, ask about the Q2 sales targets. Stay focused, stay safe.

9. The Peacekeeper

Avoid conflict like you avoid mainstream music. Yes, sometimes you need to stand your ground, but pick your battles wisely. Not every hill is worth dying on, and certainly not the one with your boss’s ego flag on it.

10. The Exit Plan

When all else fails, remember there’s always an alternative to a workplace ruled by a narcissist: peace out. Update that LinkedIn, send out resumes, network like it’s a weekend festival. You’re talented, you’re marketable, and you’re too cool to put up with this nonsense.

There you have it, the guide to dealing with your narcissistic boss without having to resort to biological warfare.


(Alternatively, you could just poo on your bosses desk.)

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